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Texas-New Mexico Railroad

The Texas – New Mexico Railroad (TNMR) operates 104 miles of railroad extending from a Union Pacific connection at Monahans, TX to Lovington, New Mexico. The railroad serves the oil fields of west Texas and southeast New Mexico. The primary commodities hauled are oilfield chemicals and minerals, construction aggregates, industrial waste and scrap.


The TNMR was completed in 1930 as a subsidiary of the Texas and Pacific Railway (TP). The primary purpose of the TNMR was to serve the oil fields in west Texas and southeastern New Mexico. The TP was under financial control of the Missouri Pacific Railway (MP) beginning in 1928. In 1976, the MP completely merged the TP. In 1982, the MP was, in turn, merged into the Union Pacific Railroad (UP). UP sold the TNMR to shortline operator RailTex (RT) in 1989. In 1999, RT merged with another shortline holding company, RailAmerica (RA). RA sold the TNMR to Permian Basin Railways on May 25, 2002.

At a Glance

Reporting Marks TMNR
Miles of Track 104.28
Cities Served/ Transloading Facilities Available
All stations have siding(s) for liquid and/or bulk transfer.

Monahans, TX
Kermit, TX
Jal, NM
Combest, NM
Eunice, NM
Hobbs, NM freight dock / warehouse
Lovington, NM freight dock / warehouse

Counties Served Ward, TX
Winkler, TX
Lea, NM
Locomotives Operated Three EMD GP-35M
One EMD GP-7
Freight Cars Operated 28 gondolas marked TMNR
2 flat cars marked TMN
Service Frequency Six days per week
Car Storage Capacity - Visit Car Storage 500 50-foot cars
Railroad Connections Union Pacific Railroad at Monahans, TX
Commodities Transported Chemicals
Waste Soil
Petroleum Products


Contact Information

Operating Office
821 West Broadway
Brownfield, TX 79316
Voice: 806-637-8323
Fax: 806-637-8074

Business Office
118 South Clinton St., Suite 400
Chicago, IL 60661
Voice: 312-466-0900
Fax: 312-466-9589

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