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Southeast New Mexico
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South-central Colorado
West Texas
Nothern Illinois
Western Oregon

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Rail Freight Service
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Freight Car Repairs
Rail Passenger Services
Real Estate Leasing
Freight Logistics
Fleet Management
Locomotive and Car Leasing
Track Maintenance and Repair Services

Iowa Pacific Railways

Passenger and Excursion Services

IPH offers scenic excursion train rides on four of its US railroads. Also, IPH offers special trains and private railcar charters though its High Iron Travel subsidiary. More information is available on all passenger-related services by clicking the links below.

Additionally, IPH maintains a fleet of high-quality passenger cars and locomotives available for use on commuter and state-supported intercity services.

Web Links

Rio Grande Scenic Railroad

Mt. Hood Railroad
Mt Hood

Copper Spike Train Excursion

West Texas Polar Express

West Texas Polar Express

High Iron Travel
High Iron Travel
Photo Courtesy: Jerry Angier