Storage customers,
I wanted to notify you that we have opened up 1000 new storage spaces on the San Luis and Rio Grande Railroad in Colorado. In order to fill these new spaces quickly we are offering a low introductory price for our loyal storage customers. For any storage order received by March 1st , we will offer these new spaces for a special discounted daily storage price of $1.50 per day per car ( for non-hazmat, unloaded cars). The switching fee will be at $ 125.00 per car per switch. Rates are also available for hazmat and loaded cars…please call me.

Spaces will be rewarded on a first come, first served basis. Introductory pricing is for these 1000 spots only. These new spots DO NOT require a “last in-first out” arrangement as we have a new “ladder track” arrangement on the property.

We also have the following spots available at other sites at standard storage pricing:

Separ (UP, New Mexico) - 80 spots
WTLC (BNSF, Lubbock) - 15 spots

Please call at the number below if you have any questions

Jack Dapkus
Vice President of Sales
Permian Basin Railways

Storage Locations

  • Texas - New Mexico Railroad
    • Union Pacific Interchange at Monahans, Texas
  • West Texas & Lubbock Railway (2)- 30*
    • BNSF Interchange at Lubbock, Texas
    • BNSF Interchange at Plainview, Texas
  • San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad - 1000**
    • Union Pacific Interchange at Walsenburg, Colorado
  • Chicago Terminal Railroad
    • Union Pacific Interchange at Elk Grove Village, Illinois
  • SEPAR, New Mexico - 80*
    • Private Tracks-Interchange Union Pacific Railroad at SEPAR, New Mexico
  • Mt. Hood Railroad - 25*
    • Union Pacific Interchange

*60 foot cars
** New track recently installed discounted prices


Jack Dapkus
Phone:(708) 829-9160
Email: [email protected]