Regions Served

Southeast New Mexico
Southeast Arizona
South-central Colorado
West Texas
Nothern Illinois
Western Oregon

Services Available

Rail Freight Service
Rail Transloading
Freight Car Repairs
Rail Passenger Services
Real Estate Leasing
Freight Logistics
Fleet Management
Locomotive and Car Leasing
Track Maintenance and Repair Services

Iowa Pacific Railways

Industrial Development

Our experienced and proactive industrial development team provides rail project management services to industries seeking to establish rail service along the Permian Basin Railways. It also assists in identifying suitable rail-served industrial sites along its rights of way.
With numerous Class 1 and regional connections, we can efficiently transport your important shipments to or from anywhere in North America with dependable, scheduled service.


  • Site location – We are constantly building an inventory of available rail-served sites to suit our customers’ needs.
  • Rail Service on Privately-Owned Track
    • Industry Track Agreements
  • Rail Service on PBR-Owned Track – Enhance customer’s rail business through:
    • Track leases
    • Team tacks
    • Car Storage agreements
  • Transload Opportunities


Property Locations

Arizona Eastern Railway

Chicago Terminal Railroad

Chicago Terminal/ Elk Grove Bensenville Area

Mt. Hood Railroad

San Luis and Rio Grande Railroad

Texas New Mexico / West Texas Lubbock



Available Industrial Sites (Under construction)


Jack Dapkus
Vice President – Sales and Marketing                                                                                                                              
Phone:(708) 829-9160
Email: [email protected]

Todd N. Cecil
Vice President – Real Estate Development
Phone: (210) 844-4621                                                                                                                  
Email: [email protected]