Regions Served

Southeast New Mexico
South-central Colorado
West Texas
Northern Illinois
Western Oregon
Northern New York State

Services Available

Railcar Storage
Rail Freight Service
Rail Transloading
Freight Car Repairs
Rail Passenger Services
Real Estate Leasing
Freight Logistics
Fleet Management
Locomotive and Car Leasing
Track Maintenance and Repair Services

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Railcar Storage

As noted below, railcar storage facilities are provided on or in the vicinity of all of our railroads. Availability is subject to demand, and changes frequently. All storage arrangements are confirmed by written agreement covering both daily rates and switch charges. Cars received by our railroads for storage without prior arrangement, or not covered by an agreement with us, including cars billed to Rio Grande Railcar Storage, are subject to tariff switching and storage charges. For more information, please contact:

Jack Dapkus
Vice President of Sales
Permian Basin Railways
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Steve Gregory
Vice President – Marketing
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Storage Locations

  • Texas - New Mexico Railroad
    • Union Pacific Interchange at Monahans, Texas
  • West Texas & Lubbock Railway
    • BNSF and Union Pacific Interchange at Lubbock, Texas
    • BNSF Interchange at Plainview, Texas
  • San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad 
    • Union Pacific Interchange at Walsenburg, Colorado
  • Chicago Terminal Railroad- Some availablity
    • Union Pacific Interchange at Elk Grove Village, Illinois
  • SEPAR, New Mexico
    • Private Tracks-Interchange Union Pacific Railroad at Separ, New Mexico
  • Mt. Hood Railroad
    • Union Pacific Interchange at Hood River, Oregon